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Gemsona Straw Hats Part 2
Usopp  and Nami are still Coral and Carnelian. I've changed  Chopper's gem to Howlite . It was discovered  in Nova Scotia and  its said to relieve  pain and strengthen  bones, teeth and aids in breathing. It sounded like something good  for a  doctor like Chopper .I tried to capture  Chopper's shut up dance  that he does when He's flustered . I picked  the  hair to mimic the bigness of Chopper's hat .  I picked  the dreadlike  hairstyle for Usopp  it made sense in my head .  I could've used Stevonnie's  hairstyle  or Rainbowquartz's  hairstyle .    
Husk Ben 10 OC
This  is  the man who is paired with Alisma . This isn't his normal outfit that he wears  when He's working. I doubt I'll get around with  making it . Maybe or Maybe not. It's not that interesting .  This is the outfit that   He's in when He's introduced  and what He wears through out  the fanfic . What you can't see is the  exposed mechanical heart . He has one because His physical heart was removed  and replaced. I don't want to spoil it.  About what He is : He's  part Mana  created  and part science experiment . His kind was created as disposable foot soldiers for a War that happened on Thalia and Alisma's Mom home planet  and was reused as  manual laborers and  can  be created specifically to do other things . His  "hair"  is  like  Yuatja  tresses ; and  those other things on his head is like  Montrals that the togrutas have  except  they  grow down with age and become hard at the base .
Powers/abilities : Enhanced durability , Super strength , Enhanced reflexes, enhanced hearing, magic proof skin, fire proof skin,bullet  proof and blaster prof,but not stab proof  and toxic resistant , Not acid proof., healing ability, his lungs are stronger and binary  respiratory system.  These aren't special powers  that  are exclusive to  him  it's just  what He is . His kind was designed to be  the ultimate soldier. His healing ability  limits  to slow  healing. He can regrow limbs, Heal bones and repair tissue ,but it isn't Wolverine level .  It will still take  some force  to  knock him down and there are some special equipment  that is designed  to operate  on him or stun him.
His stamina  isn't great, His  vision isn't great,  He's not that fast .  He's weak against psychics . Sonic attacks  will damage him . He's a  mighty glacier .
Gemsona Straw Hats Part 1
I remade  my Gemsona  maker take for  the Straw hats just  for fun.  Robin as Rhodonite,  Franky as  Sunstone  and Brook as  Serpentine .  Once again, these gems are picked for the countries that the gems in question came that is associated with  the Straw Hats from instead of the colors that the Strawhats  are associated  with .
As far as  gem meanings goes  l still like my choices .Robin's Gem  is on her back. If, the game had Connie's violin than I would've had  Brook with his instrument .
Yule Ball dress
This is something that was done because  I  briefly  remember  a  Harry Potter oc  called Dextra  Fortescue . She's  the niece to  Florean  Fortescue . The fanfic took place around  The Tri Wizard Tournament . She's a 6th Year Hufflepuff , whom the  sorting hat debated   about sending her to  Ravenclaw  or not. Her date was Poliakoff  for the Yule Ball. The fanfic   was going to about the two dealing with what happened  during this time period  and beyond. There was a time skip .The fanfic touched upon  Lgbt  themes because one of her  girlfriends fell in love with the only  female Durmstrang student . This is a book verse  fanfic.  I was going to  do some research  for the 90's time period . Dextra here , is in her  Yule Ball outfit . She used a hair lengthening  potion  that was made with  Rapunzel /Rampion .
This  was  made with (… )
Lady in peacock blue
This  is  just a fun thing that I did. She doesn't have a name  or a fandom .  Made with   (…)
These three ladies  are for a future Watch Dogs 2 fanfic . Eufemia's  name was picked because it means well spoken .  She's a cunning linguist. She's the peace maker and the one who gets money and She makes friends with people  for the benefit of Dedsec's cause.She knows how to rally the troops. Her friends call her Effie . She's biracial and is a maternal cousin to Esperanza.  She's 5'11
Espranza's nickname is Peri . As mentioned,  Peri is  a former  black hat hacker and was a dedsec enemy and inspired by  Peridot and a bit of Symmetra.
Peri  is person  that doesn't have plans  A-Z figured out. She instead uses numbers for her plans. She'll lapse into insulting nicknames when she's feeling frustrated  or angry  from her black hat days.  She's  5'1
Gabrielle  as mentioned  is the muscle of the trio. She has the least experience with hacking .She is part of Stockton, Ca's dedsec as   a  associate ,but is really a honorary   member  in some eyes  of the group  and  to others not part  of that Dedsec section : She is just a fan girl who  doesn't belong in there.
Gabrielle doesn't go  all OMG  over  T-bone or Aiden Pierce .  It's not like She doesn't know who they are.  She sees them as people .
She's  also more of  strong lady than she looks .


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